MLD Wealth Management
National Bank Financial

Calgary, AB

Alberta has seen some tough times over the past few years, but there are plenty of advisors in the province who are still thriving – and Chad Larson of MLD Wealth Management at National Bank Financial is a prime example. Despite the oil shock that has rocked Calgary, Larson has been able to grow his business substantially – in 2016, he increased his AUM by more than $58 million, to $322 million. His abilities haven’t gone unnoticed at National Bank, either, where he’s currently a member of the President’s Club.

People need financial advice when times are good, but even more so when the economy isn’t faring well, and increasingly they are coming to Larson and his partners at MLD Wealth for guidance. Appearing in our Top Portfolio Managers feature last year, Larson revealed that directing his clients toward assets other than energy stocks was a common starting point for his team.

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