Trump supporter gets push from investment firm

Trump supporter gets push from investment firm

Trump supporter gets push from investment firm Here in Canada we may not be directly involved with the US Presidential candidacy race, but most of us are still keeping a keen eye on the antics of Clinton, Cruz, Trump and the rest: at times with amusement and at others, with worried bemusement.

However, now a major investment firm has hit the headlines for clamping down on one Donald Trump devotee.

Luke Thorburn, an advisor at Goldman Sachs, didn’t receive any punishment for sending just over $500 to support the Trump bid. However, when he chose to launch a website that sells Trump hats he was put on paid administrative leave by the company.

According to records from the Federal Election Commission, Thorburn made two donations for Trump’s campaign: collectively totalling $534.58. However, he also placed a trademark on the “Make Christianity Great Again” phrase and was involved with a website which was placing the phrase on to caps similar to those being used by Trump that are adorned with the phrase: “Make America Great Again”.

A report in The New York Times states that while Goldman Sachs allows business ventures outside its company, it first requires employees to have their actions approved by the firm: something Thorburn failed to obtain.

As a result, he was put on paid administrative leave. The report states that neither Thorburn nor Goldman Sachs wished to comment on the issue.
  • RG Chiasson 2016-03-03 12:49:41 PM
    Your headline made it seem as if the advisor face punitive action as a result of his political beliefs. In fact, it was him being engaged in a financial outside activity, without approval, that had him placed on administrative leave. The selling hats with pictures of kittens on them would have rendered the same result if all other facts remained the same. Hype headline resulting in a non-story. Shame.
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