Little disruption from OSFI

Little disruption from OSFI

Little disruption from OSFI

Principle 4: FRMI’s Periodic Assessments of Lenders’ Underwriting Practices
A FRMI should exercise reasonable due diligence regarding lenders’ underwriting practices, on a periodic basis, in order to assess consistency with the FRMI’s criteria for insuring mortgage loans and compliance with the requirements contained in the FRMI’s policy coverage documents. A FRMI should establish clear policies for identifying, escalating, and as needed, addressing weak or non-compliant lender practices.

Principle 5: Assessment and Validation of Underwriting Systems, Models, and Underwriters’ Processes
A FRMI that is engaged in residential mortgage insurance underwriting should periodically assess and validate its insurance underwriting systems, models, and underwriters’ processes, to ensure sound insurance underwriting outcomes and consistency with the FRMI’s RMIUP.

Principle 6: Effective Portfolio Risk Management and other Risk Mitigation
FRMIs should have effective portfolio risk management practices, including the use of stress testing and, as appropriate, the use of reinsurance. Given the objectives and risk appetite established in the RMIUP, a FRMI should consider the outcome of stress-testing and risk mitigation in appropriately setting or adjusting its mortgage insurance underwriting criteria.

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