How tweeting can make you money

How tweeting can make you money

How tweeting can make you money

Advisors can become frustrated at the perceived lack of ROI from social media efforts.

However, president and founder of i-Impact Group (a U.S-based investment and financial services PR consultancy firm), Claudio O. Pannunzio, says that social media needs to be fully incorporated into a financial practitioner’s marketing mix and activities must follow specific rules and approaches, if advisors want to use it successfully.

Pannunzio runs social media and communication workshops, and says that there are four basic tips to help advisors maximise social media ROI.

1.    Focus on Quality over Quantity

Although there is a plethora of social media sites available, advisors should refrain from joining as many as possible, says Pannunzio.

“Instead, pick one or two platforms where clients and prospects go to get information about their investments and focus on those.”

Advisors will be able to position themselves better and provide more valuable information that encourages prospects to seek their business. (continued on Page 2.)

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