'G-Spot' financial advisor pleads guilty to $1.5m Ponzi scheme

'G-Spot' financial advisor pleads guilty to $1.5m Ponzi scheme

The Kitchner paper reported allegations that Killins created fake financial statements from major companies, even though the companies had no records of those funds ever being invested.

As is standard for a Ponzi scheme, she made payments to her clients claiming that they were investment returns when the money had actually been taken from other clients. The paper said Killins, owner the Dollars and Sense Financial Group, spent the rest of that money on herself for indulgences that included cosmetic surgery.

As well as being an author, Killins fancied herself a motivational speaker. According to her pro-seminars bio, “Jenn has an unbelievable and creative way of keeping FINANCE simple that leaves you hungry for more. She engages the audience with her conceptual approach and sincere personality.”

Former clients, who have good reasons to doubt her sincerity, may be feeling hungry themselves. Many have had to sell their homes or delay retirement after losing their life savings, the paper reported.

Others are saddled with payments after taking out loans for investments that were never actually made, it added. Some have also had ongoing problems with the Canada Revenue Agency after Killins allegedly filed fraudulent income tax returns for them, or said she had filed returns and actually didn't.

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