Emerging markets fund launched

Emerging markets fund launched

Emerging markets fund launched Gestion FÉRIQUE has announced the launch of the FÉRIQUE Emerging Markets Fund, a growth-oriented portfolio that achieves emerging-market exposure by investing in the NEI Northwest Emerging Markets Fund and the TD Emerging Markets Fund, according to a statement from the firm.

"Investing in these two underlying funds enables us to offer a diversified investment product with a very competitive management expense ratio,” said Louis Lizotte, CFA, vice president, investment management, Gestion FÉRIQUE. “In addition, we can remain faithful to our multimanager approach while optimizing our costs, which is a net advantage for our investors.”

According to the statement, the FÉRIQUE Emerging Markets Fund has a management expense ratio of 1.5% as of the date of the launch, making it one of the least expensive in its peer group. Offering great growth potential coupled with portfolio diversification, it requires a minimum investment of $500-$50 in the case of preauthorized contributions – and is eligible for all types of investment accounts. The fund is geared towards investors with a high risk tolerance.

The fund is the latest addition to Gestion FÉRIQUE’s shelf offering of 13 mutual funds, diversified across all asset classes. Gestion FÉRIQUE is Canada’s only not-for-profit mutual fund company set up solely to serve the interests of engineers, engineering graduates and their families.

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