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  • Office politics: How to know if the hill is worth dying on

    Office politics can seem like war. If that’s what it feels like to you today, then the question you need to answer is whether this particular hill is worth dying on, says Cindy Tonkin

  • The good times are done

    The bull-market run appears to be officially over says one industry veteran and the question for advisors is whether to cut and run from the markets

  • The most "hated” person in oil

    Although the collapse of oil has been bad news for a lot of Canadians there’s one person who’s benefited greatly over the past two years

  • Vanguard’s digital success ensures robo-advisor future

    Taking digital advice by the horns in early 2015 it’s become a colossus in the field and in doing so cementing the future success of robo-advisors

  • Walmart moves to close stores

    Whether it’s a sign of the times or simply a move by the retail giant to trim the fat, Walmart is making moves to remain at the top of warehouse retail

  • Canadian currency better than you think

    Sure the Loonie is in a major freefall but one of Canada’s most revered institutions speaks glowingly of our printed currency

  • Equity crowdfunding gets unexpected boost

    IIAC’s latest state of the union communication to the industry is the harbinger of bad news and nowhere is this more noticeable than in the financing of small- and medium-sized businesses

  • No recession yet say analysts

    The latest poll taking the temperature of the Canadian economy has come out with a lukewarm endorsement but cautions on the future

  • Air Canada heads for crash landing

    Airlines made record profits in 2015 but despite the good news investors fear that business is about to get much worse at entirely the wrong time

  • Economists get rebranding

    After the economic collapse of 2008, people of all stripes including advisors have become highly skeptical of the economist’s ability to predict anything remotely to do with the economic winds but one economist has some ideas to improve their image