What’s in a title asks recent OSC report

What’s in a title asks recent OSC report

  • Mark Matsumoto 2015-09-28 10:45:43 AM
    I think that there should also be an option not to have a title.
    I am different things to different clients. I am mutual fund salesman, life insurance salesman, accountant, tax accountant, financial planner, financial advisor, financial analyst for various ideas. I am sometimes just a sounding board or voice of reason for people's ideas, fears and dreams.

    "Financial guy" would be a good title! Everyone has a "guy". I'm a financial "guy"! Overall, people are too hung up on a title. It is what someone actually does that is important.
    People can figure out what you can or can't do for them. I don't know that one's title's title means much and isn't a lot to get excited about.
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  • Ken MacCoy, CHS aka 'LifeGuy' 2015-09-28 4:09:28 PM
    I agree with Mark's comments.

    Plus, why be limited by a title?

    Designations are different; if you've earned them (as Mark has), add them to your business card as they boost client confidence.

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