Questrade enters robo-advisor fray

Questrade enters robo-advisor fray

  • Will Ashworth 2014-11-18 4:04:06 PM
    We stand corrected folks.

    Dan Poole, co-founder of Oakville-based Invisor Investment Management, let us know today that his firm is also in the robo-advisor business. You can learn more at
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  • John – Team Questrade 2014-11-19 1:01:26 PM
    Hi Will,

    Great article as you’ve touched on many important points. I just wanted to make sure that when looking at other robo-advisors, we’re comparing apples to apples.

    A few other services with lower fees allow clients to choose from pre-determined portfolios. However, Portfolio IQ is a managed, discretionary account. We assess each individual’s risk tolerance and suitability before creating a personalized portfolio. We also notify our clients whenever there are changes in the weighting of the portfolio based on market view.

    It’s also important to note that performance history is a factor you’ll want to consider before opening an account. We have an eight-year track record for our model portfolios that are managed by a sub-advisor who has been managing ETF portfolios for nine years.

    Lastly, we’re democratizing investing for all Canadians by offering managed investing for as low as a $2,000 initial investment. Many of our competitors offer much higher minimums to get started and their services are restricted to residents of certain provinces.

    I’d be happy to answer any questions about Portfolio IQ.

    John – Team Questrade,
    Questrade, Inc.
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  • Will Ashworth 2014-11-19 3:05:48 PM
    Hi John,

    I want to thank you for your comments.

    There's no doubt that Questrade has earned its rightful place in the investment industry.

    Portfolio IQ definitely serves a purpose. I'm just not sure it makes sense for beginner investors.

    If you'd like to write a guest blog we'd be glad to give you a forum to further explain your company's views on the subject.

    Will Ashworth
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