Improve customer experience with virtual cash processing systems

Improve customer experience with virtual cash processing systems

Are you looking to shorten the timeline and increase the accuracy of your cash processing for clients? The right partner could help you streamline this complicated process. 

The management of collections (cash receipts) has always been a challenge for businesses. Managing high volumes, having difficulties identifying payees, avoiding under/over payments and monitoring all other steps in the process makes cash processing for clients incredibly complicated. Once you introduce the added hurdle of foreign exchange, the difficulty level and room for error greatly increase.  

Companies looking to improve this part of the client experience have found success using multi-currency/multi-bank virtual accounts and cash management platforms to automate and increase the efficiency of cash management operations.

Download this free whitepaper from Cashfac, a global leader in back-office cash management and Virtual Account Management (VAM) solutions, to learn how multi-currency and multi-bank virtual accounts platforms can increase accuracy and efficiency with automated and streamlined cash turnovers, improving customer service and cash flow.

Get your copy now and gain insight on:

  • Managing cross-currency settlement or passing through a foreign currency payment
  • Cross currency sweeping and netting exposure
  • Management of liquidity and treasury pooling


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