Rob McClelland news

  • 22 Rob McClelland

    Rob McClelland of The McClelland Financial Group is part of this year's WP Top 50 Advisors.

  • The very survival of independents looms on the horizon

    If regulators get their way everyone but the bank-owned firms could be fighting for a shrinking piece of the financial advisory pie

  • Elimination of DSC would kill independent firms

    Unless firms want to reach into their pockets to put young advisors on salary, DSC’s represent the best way to keep the banks from swallowing up business

  • DSC advisors find unlikely ally

    You wouldn’t think a financial professional who made the switch to a fee-based model more than seven years ago would have any sympathy for those flogging DSC funds – but you’d be wrong

  • An advisor who represents himself … is typical

    New research confirms that financial professionals are loath to do it, still there’s an argument for them bringing in a second pair of eyes to vet their own investment decisions

  • Coveted award attracts top names

    It’s arguably the award with the greatest impact on an advisor’s future book and here’s who’s in the running.

  • CRM2: the biggest ambition killer ever?

    Saying “no” to a job promotion is something more and more advisors are likely to do because of increasingly onerous paperwork requirements.

  • Big firms ‘pay’ young advisors

    A growing number of firms are rejecting the hunt-to-eat model for young advisors instead opting to provide them with guaranteed income.

  • Taking a different tack?

    Big players may be making a move into the exempt market space, but advisors across the country have been slower to steer their clients in the same direction. But that may be about to change.

  • WP unveils the cream of the crop

    WP releases the first 25 advisors that made the cut on its Top 50 Advisors in Canada list, featured in the latest issue of WP Magazine.