Raymond James news

  • Advisors pushed into partnership

    The lone-wolf advisor is increasingly a thing of the past as compliance forces advisors into teams, with mixed results.

  • Wealth professionals treated unfairly

    Accountants can. Lawyers can. Even dieticians can incorporate in order to make sure that their business can run in an effective and tax efficient manner. But many, many Wealth professionals can’t – what’s going on?

  • Paul Allison

    Paul Allison of Raymond James is on Wealth Professional Canada's Hot List of 2015.

  • Coveted award attracts top names

    It’s arguably the award with the greatest impact on an advisor’s future book and here’s who’s in the running.

  • Finalists for the WP Awards brought to you by Invesco

    The second round of finalists for the Wealth Professional Awards brought to you by Invesco have been revealed – have you made the cut?

  • Time to defend DSC funds!

    Where’s the beef? It’s the question advisors critical of DSC funds are asking colleagues who use them, suggesting, too few are doing the heavy lifting needed to rationalize the fees.

  • Advisor: There’s no place for DSC funds

    The industry is kidding itself, says a seasoned veteran laying out a passionate case against 5 per cent upfront.

  • Advisor payrolls balloon

    In a sign of things to come, advisors are having to beef up their support staff numbers an effort to better manage customer relations, according to a new report. But who pays the tab?

  • Mutual fund sales in jeopardy

    New numbers are quantifying the kind of chop to mutual fund sales advisors may experience post-CRM2 implementation.

  • Client philanthropy means big dollars... for advisors

    For those who think charitable giving is all about tax savings and nothing more — think again. Having a dialogue with your clients is increasingly good business.