Empire Life Investments news

  • A value-oriented approach

    Empire Life Investments CIO Ian Hardacre outlines his investment strategy and extols the benefits of having a contrarian mindset

  • Wealth Professional 5.02

    The exchange-traded fund is quickly becoming one of the most popular investment vehicles in Canada. Wealth Professional talked to experts across the wealth management industry to get the full picture of ETFs’ past, present and future

  • A look ahead, a look back

    Donald Horne sat down with three key portfolio managers to get their takes on 2016, and a look back at 2015

  • Time to pity and respect the short seller

    One analyst is leaping to the defence of the short seller – arguing that the blame game comes mostly from emotion

  • Averages can be very misleading, says advisor

    A growing number of clients approaching retirement age may be tempted to dip into that nest egg early – but advisors must ensure that what is coming out doesn’t exceed what is going in

  • Hard landing by China will threaten global growth: expert

    Many factors are contributing to the worrying state of the Canadian economy, including concerns the increasingly big economic engine that could – China – now can’t

  • It isn’t just about oil

    While low interest rates are a thorn in financial equities’ side, and concerns remain surrounding the real estate market, it is the price of oil that has been copping the most flak

  • Advisor: sometimes a correction is just a correction

    The market volatility both here and around the world may have clients' nerves shredded, but on the whole, this period may represent nothing but a correction

  • Analyst dismantles the perception of the “do no wrong” stock

    The “Nifty Fifty” were a group of 50 popular large-cap U.S. stocks that were “must own” blue chips in the 1960s and early 70s – but some industry analysts are asking if their track records deserve this consideration