49 Douglas Griffioen, Wisdom Private Wealth

49 Douglas Griffioen, Wisdom Private Wealth

Wisdom Private Wealth 
HollisWealth, Industrial Alliance Securities

Waterloo, ON

The past year has been one of change for Douglas Griffioen as his Wisdom Private Wealth team was assimilated into the Industrial Alliance family as part of its takeover of HollisWealth. Regardless, he was still able to record AUM growth of $8 million, and he has similar expectations for 2018. Now in his 16th year as an advisor, Griffioen identifies time management as his major challenge. 

“[There are] so many demands on our time,” he says, “that it is hard to achieve a balance [when] taking clients in a very poor financial position and helping them turn it completely around.”

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  • Wisdom Private Wealth
  • Alliance Securities Inc., 54 Albert Street, Waterloo, ON N2L 3S2

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