19 Alexandra Horwood, Alexandra Horwood & Partners

19 Alexandra Horwood, Alexandra Horwood & Partners

Alexandra Horwood & Partners
Richardson GMP

Toronto, ON

One of Wealth Professional Canada’s 2017 Women of Influence, Alexandra Horwood returns to the Top 50
Advisors list for the second year in a row. Coming from a family of advisors, Horwood sets the bar pretty high for herself and her team. “My goal for 2017 was to reach $2 million in recurring T12 [trailing 12-month] revenue and $200 million in AUM,” she says, “and I achieved that goal in September 2017. My long-term goal is always to achieve $1 billion in AUM or $10 million in recurring revenue, and to be number one in my firm, Richardson GMP.”

Company Information

  • Alexandra Horwood & Partners
  • 145 King Street West, Suite 500 Toronto, ON M5H 1J8