Top 50 Advisors 2017

Top 50 Advisors 2017 Welcome to Wealth Professional’s annual Top 50 Advisors list. Each year since 2014, we have reached out to the industry to gauge which advisors are driving the business forward. Looking at this year’s selection, you’ll see some familiar names, but plenty of new faces, too. That’s a good sign – the advisory business needs new blood if it is to continue to thrive in a challenging investment environment.

In compiling this list of Canada’s premier financial planners, we turned to the industry’s top advisory firms for their input. We asked which individuals had distinguished themselves in 2016, either by increasing assets under management, bringing in new clients, boosting revenue or perhaps another variable unique to that particular advisor. We sifted through that data to put together this year’s list.

Just glancing at some of the numbers, it’s clear that Canadian advisors are still bringing in a considerable amount of new business. This year’s Top 50 had a combined AUM of $8.8 billion, and the top 10 alone has more than $3.5 billion AUM. That makes it clear that while the advisory business is undoubtedly changing, investors across Canada are still showing their faith and entrusting their wealth management to the professionals.

This year’s list also marks the first Top 50 since the final phase of CRM2 came into effect. Starting  this month, investors will see, in dollar amounts, exactly what they have been paying their advisor. The story of 2017 is sure to be investors’ reaction to that disclosure and whether they feel they are getting value for their money.

How different will our Top 50 Advisors list look in January 2018? If nothing else, this is sure to be an interesting year.