Partnering for portfolio managements

Croesus partners with advisors to provide portfolio management software with a collaborative approach

Croesus has a long-standing history in financial technology: The firm has been providing wealth management solutions to financial institutions since 1987. With more than 14,000 users and more than $1 trillion in assets managed, Croesus software has become a mainstay in the industry.

“Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of our clients,” says Croesus president Sylvain Simpson. “We provide them with the ability to transform data into information.”

Croesus’ mission has always been to provide innovative and reliable fintech wealth management solutions and services, which it accomplishes via three core products: Croesus Advisor, Croesus Data Analytics, and Croesus APIs and Widgets.

“We want to make sure we break out of the traditional client/provider paradigm by developing a real partnership approach with clients where we share goals and risk” - Sylvain Simpson, Croesus

Croesus Advisor, which launched in 1987, is integrated portfolio management software. It includes various features like portfolio rebalancing and an order-entry module. Croesus has also created a mobile app that gives advisors easy access to clients’ data. Financial institutions can also improve the client experience by giving advisors access to their portfolio data online through the investor portal Croesus Investor.

Croesus Data Analytics is the company’s business intelligence module. It was launched in 2017 to help advisors make informed decisions, manage the profitability of their business and identify opportunities for growth.

Finally, Croesus APIs and Widgets are used for integration with other tools. For a number of years, clients have been using Croesus APIs to integrate with third-party vendors and proprietary websites. These integration tools allow developers to enhance the client experience by adding Croesus data to their current applications.

According to Simpson, Croesus’ main points of difference are its extensive experience in financial technology and its willingness to form partnerships with advisors.

“We want to make sure we break out of the traditional client/provider paradigm by developing a real partnership approach with clients where we share goals and risk,” he says. “We want to create a win-win partnership where we improve our services through collaboratio. Being one of Canada’s first fintechs has allowed us to develop and foster highly specialized knowledge and expertise in financial services and ensures we create success stories for our clients.”

It’s that partnership with clients that allows Croesus to continually evolve its products and services. Users are at the core of Croesus’ development and are often asked for their feedback, which informs the company’s roadmap for its products. Through that collaboration, Croesus helps advisors remain competitive in the wealth management industry by enhancing productivity, efficiency and providing a turn-key experience all in the same application.

“As a market leader with 55% market share, Croesus is at the front of new market trends that propel development forward,” Simpson says. “Advisors can take advantage of the technology to simplify their day-to-day tasks. Croesus Advisor and Croesus Data Analytics provide the tools to be more competitiveand strategic.


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