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After the global financial collapse of 2008, Canada’s reputation on the international stage was enhanced. Its regulatory system, in particular, was held up as a major reason the economy here didn’t quite plunge to the depths reached by many of its Western counterparts. For Louis Morisset, chairman of the Canadian Securities Administrators, it really is a case of not fixing what isn’t broken. While the previous administration pushed for a federal Capital Markets Regulatory Authority, Morisset argues that the incumbent Liberals should consider how well the co-operative system for securities regulation has worked for Canada. 

In his other guise as president and CEO of Quebec’s Autorité des marchés financiers, Morisset recently made headlines as part of the agency’s investigation into insider trading involving online gambling firm Amaya, and in particular its CEO David Baazov. Whether the AMF can actually get charges to stick remains to be seen, but its ability or failure to do so will undoubtedly send a strong signal regarding the regulatory proficiency of the current provincial-based system.

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