Conference Board identifies top Canadian economies

Conference Board identifies top Canadian economies Stating the blindingly obvious the Conferrence Board of Canada has released are report suggesting that the three oil-producing provinces in Canada, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, are the top economic performers in the country. The Board granted these provinces an “A-plus” score, based on indicators such as per capita income, economic growth, unemployment and productivity. The report compared the provinces to EU countries. Alberta, no surprise, is the “class leader,” with 2013 per capita income that was $10,000 higher than Norway, the top-ranked EU country. At the bottom of the class are Nova Scotia and New Brunswick with D grades, which were compared to countries like France and Belgium. Ontario, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia score B grades, putting them alongside Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom. Manitoba and Quebec were given C grades. “What this tells us is we have provinces outperforming the rest of the world, and we have provinces that are struggling along with the laggards in the eurozone,” said Brenda Lafleur, the project director for the think-tank.
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