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  • Dealers sentenced in privacy breach case

    Two individuals sanctioned for privacy breaches now facing the Ontario Court of Justice

  • Another player in ‘RESP-gate’ pleads guilty

    A pivotal actor in the hospital privacy breach transferring 14,000 patient records to RESP dealers has finally had her day in court

  • OSC names RESP players involved in privacy breach

    It only took eight months but some of the players behind the Rouge Valley Hospital privacy breach were identified this past week.

  • RESP caper back in court

    The former hospital employee who allegedly passed patient information on to RESP providers will appear in court this morning, with advisors hoping to finally learn the names of the dealers involved.

  • Industry players could face civil action

    Not so fast: A court ruling suggests a hospital at the centre of a privacy breach – as well as unnamed RESP dealers – could be on the hook after all.

  • RESP-gate gets messier

    The Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner issued an Order Tuesday requiring the Rouge Valley Health System to implement wholesale changes to its electronic information systems while RESP dealers remain nameless.

  • Alleged RESP list-seller appears in court

    A former Rouge Valley Hospital employee, who allegedly sold investor lists to RESP dealers culled from patient records, appeared in court Friday. WP asked Ottawa lawyer Harold Geller for his take on the case.

  • RESP dealers remain nameless

    With the OSC investigation of maternity records improperly obtained still ongoing, RESP dealers are put in the spotlight. And it could be just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Most read: Clerk accused of profiting from patient records

    If you think industry players are the only ones getting done for unregistered trading, think again, with the OSC going after a hospital clerk in a bizarre case.