Head of portfolio management

Years in the industry:
Years as a PM: 20
Industry accreditations: CFA
Typical clients: High-net-worth private clients

HSBC Global Asset Management, as its name suggests, is an operation with international reach. As Derek Massey explains, this brings certain benefits. “We have investment experts located in 26 countries and territories around the world that evaluate capital markets,” he says. “Our recent valuation work has led us to take some profits in equities across Canada and globally and redeploy the proceeds to fixed income and cash.”

Massey joined HSBC Global Asset Management in 2014 and currently oversees the private client management team. As such, he is responsible for HSBC’s distribution channels, as well as communicating strategy internally to staff and externally to clients and the media. When it comes to stocks, that strategy means taking advantage of HSBC’s global footprint to identify the best companies. “Our process is to first evaluate a company, then we evaluate the company as an investment,” he says. “We seek to invest in the best businesses, but just as important is that we need to pay the right price for that business.”

Having started his investment career in 1993, Massey rose through the ranks to become the principal and vice-president at Martin, Lucas & Seagram. There, he managed discretionary portfolios for family groups, charitable foundations, estates and trusts, which led him to his current position with HSBC. The investment climate has changed a great deal since he first broke into the business 24 years ago in terms of the sophistication of clients, the product lineup and regulatory oversight. While this has made the job more challenging, Massey says he welcomes any changes that can improve standards in the profession.

“We seek to invest in the best businesses, but just as important is that we need to pay the right price for that business”

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  • HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada)
  • 3rd Floor - 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. V6C 3E8, Canada

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