Kostas Andrikopoulos

Kostas Andrikopoulos

West Coast-based firm Nicola Wealth Management announced a new campaign to expand eastward this year. The independent financial planning firm has long been a familiar part of the West Coast wealth management scene, having established offices in Vancouver, Kelowna and Richmond, BC.

As the firm’s managing director for Eastern Canada, Kostas Andrikopoulos is the general of the invasion of Ontario. The new office at 2 Bloor Street West puts the firm right between the two Ontario money neighborhoods of the Mink Mile and Yorkville. No wonder Nicola Wealth garnered a nomination as a finalist for the Private Business Growth award presented by Grant Thornton and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Nicola Wealth Management
  • 5th Floor, 1508 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6J 1W8

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