• Keep investing simple

    A complicated investment is any one that the client doesn’t understand – and that can result in more downside than upside, writes Markus Muhs

  • Change equals opportunity

    The year to come will bring change for advisors. Dave Nugent offers three ways to grow your bottom line by embracing it instead of fighting it

  • The law of unintended consequences

    The Know Your Product obligations proposed by the CSA have the potential to curtail choice to the detriment of consumers, writes Ryan Colwell

  • The rules of wealth

    Michael Lee-Chin has been through more than a few turbulent markets over the course of his storied career. As a result, he now extols the importance of having a good mix of liquid and illiquid assets in your portfolio

  • Why branding strategies fail

    Far too often a company’s shiny new branding strategy fails to live up to hopes and expectations. Jean-Luc Ambrosi explains the common reasons for failure, and what companies can do to get their branding strategies right

  • Talking about my generation

    According to Karl Cheong of First Trust, the investment community can’t afford to ignore millennials, considering the major generational transfer of wealth that’s in the cards

  • CRM2 isn’t the full picture

    Industry modifications designed to provide investor clarity don’t completely address every possible nuance, writes Carlo Cansino

  • The business of mentorship

    The true measure of success isn’t in building your own book, writes Jason Nakhoul, but in helping young advisors learn to build theirs

  • A new age of wealth management

    Social media has become a part of our lives – and it can be a part of building investment portfolios, writes John Bowman

  • The other side of succession

    Buying a practice can be a frightening prospect for a young advisor, but it can – and should – be done, writes Meagan Balaneski