Politician arrested in anti-corruption sweep

Politician arrested in anti-corruption sweep

Politician arrested in anti-corruption sweep A politician been arrested as part of an anti-corruption sweep in Quebec.

Nathalie Normandeau, who served as the deputy premier of Quebec from 2007-2011, is facing questions about the way funds were raised for her campaign while also being accused of receiving extravagant gifts from firms. The implication is that she showed favour to providing funding for projects that donated to Quebec Liberals.

Sources at Radio-Canada have suggested that Normandeau’s name was repeatedly brought up at the Charbonneau Commission and now she has been arrested by UPAC.

Normandeau was not the only one arrested, however. Also targeted by UPAC were Marc-Yvan Cote, a vice-president of engineering firm Roche and a former Liberal cabinet minister; Bruno Lortie, the chief of staff for Normandeau; and France Michaud, who was also a vice-president at Roche. In addition, Mario W Martel, another Roche employee was arrested; as was Ernest Murray, a former political aide to former Parti Quebecois premier Pauline Marois; and Francois Roussy, the former mayor of the town of Gaspe.

According to UPAC, the arrests are a sign that it acts independently and is willing to listen to any tip-offs from the public.

A total of seven people have been arrested with 13 charges in total that include breach of trust, using forged documents, fraud and corruption. They will appear in court on April 20.