OpenText earns praise from major new client

OpenText earns praise from major new client

OpenText earns praise from major new client Ontario-based tech firm OpenText has earned praise from New York-based boutique investment firm SilverCrest Asset Management Group for its modernization of the latter’s reporting environment. Experiencing improved reporting for its institutional and family office clients, for which it advises on US$18 billion worth of investments, SilverCrest had many good things to say about OpenText.

"For me, the first goal was to present something that looks good and is also highly functional and easy to use," said Rohan Kalyanpur, senior vice president for Silvercrest Asset Management Group. "We wanted something much more in line with our branding, basically taking our reporting to the 21st century."

Previously, SilverCrest had been using its accounting system to generate reports. To improve service to its growing list of clients, they needed a web-based analytics and reporting platform that could be accessed through their online portal, generate reports in the clients’ preferred output, and draw data seamlessly from the firm’s existing systems.

After considering several options, SilverCrest chose to implement OpenText Information Hub (iHub) and OpenText Analytics Designer. "It is easy for the portfolio managers to put together a report [with OpenText’s solutions]. They can click a button and a report is generated for them," said Kalyanpur.

He also praised the software’s in-depth data processing functions, noting an improved ability to provide detailed and drilled-down analyses. “In the past, with most reporting done from the accounting system, we lacked details. Now, there is a lot more transparency and complexity in what they do."

Kalyanpur also commended the software’s flexibility. “There hasn't yet been a situation where we couldn't do something. We've done everything that we wanted to do. And we've tried some really complicated things.”

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