Meritas SRI Funds invests in health and sustainability

Meritas SRI Funds invests in health and sustainability

Meritas SRI Funds invests in health and sustainability OceanRock Investments Inc., which manages Meritas SRI Funds, has invested in InvestEco Capital Corp. More specifically, Meritas SRI Funds is making an investment in the InvestEco Sustainable Food Fund II, L.P. in line with the Meritas fund family’s new impact investing mandate, which includes “building healthier, sustainable communities close to home in Canada, the U.S. and around the world,” according to a company release.

InvestEco Capital, a Canadian leader in impact investing, focuses on high-growth sustainable companies. Its Sustainable Food Fund II, which is only available to Canadian accredited investors, is concentrated on large-growth, expansion-stage private North American firms that promote health and sustainability in the food and agricultural industry.

“Our investment in InvestEco meets [our] investment criteria by helping to support sustainable farming that is focused on growing and raising food that is healthy for consumers, promotes animal welfare and helps to protect the environment,” said OceanRock CEO Fred Pinto. “It's also a high impact way to support family farms that continue to play a critical role in the global food industry.”

InvestEco has stakes in companies such as Toronto-based organic food delivery service Mama Earth Organics; New York firm Maple Hill Creamery, which is a leader in 100-per-cent grass-fed whole-milk dairy products; and another Toronto firm, 100km foods, which is a local food distributor.

“We are excited to have Meritas SRI Funds as an investor in our fund,” said Andrew Heintzman, CEO and co-founder of InvestEco Capital Corp. “We share a similar goal of generating strong financial returns for investors, while at the same time investing in companies that promote health and sustainability of the food and agricultural sector.”

The first investment that OceanRock made under Meritas SRI Funds’ new impact investing mandate was a recent investment in New Market Funds’ inaugural affordable rental housing fund, which aims to offer affordable rental housing units in the largest Canadian cities.

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