Mackenzie Cundill reveals new leadership

Mackenzie Cundill reveals new leadership

Mackenzie Cundill reveals new leadership A leading Toronto investment firm has made a number of changes to its leadership.

According to a company statement, Mackenzie Financial Corporation will make changes to its Cundill boutique with the introduction of Jonathan Norwood and Richard Wong as vice president and portfolio manager to co-lead the new team.

Speaking in the statement, Tony Elavia, chief investment officer of Mackenzie Investments, commented that the appointments will help further Cundill’s storied heritage.

“At Mackenzie, we are committed to continuing that tradition while providing even stronger investment expertise with the addition of these seasoned portfolio management professionals,” he said. “The Cundill boutique will benefit from the added portfolio construction skill-sets of these portfolio managers who have proven expertise in global value investing with institutional asset managers.”

Jonathan Norwood boasts more than 18 years’ experience in portfolio management, as well as financial modelling and equity research. He also worked at one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in Canada. Meanwhile, Richard Wong also has more than 18 years’ experience – this time focusing on portfolio construction and fundamental equity analysis.

Mr. Norwood and Mr. Wong will manage Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund and Mackenzie Cundill Value Class and join the portfolio management team for Mackenzie Global Concentrated Equity Fund, Mackenzie Global Concentrated Equity Class and Mackenzie Global Diversified Equity Class.