Is financial planning the new sexy?

Is financial planning the new sexy?

Is financial planning the new sexy?

They want the benefits. They want the sexy stuff.

Clients assume you are well qualified, experienced, trustworthy, independent, unbiased. These things are not sexy. They are mere expectations. Just like when they deal with a doctor, clients expect him or her to give them the right medicine. They expect us to subscribe the right product. Remember, the right product is not a benefit – it is an expectation.

Right now, more than ever before, clients need the clarity and peace of mind that only we can deliver through inspiring financial planning. They need to see for themselves, through proper financial planning incorporating meaningful cash flow modelling, what their future looks like and just what is possible.

That is when clients really engage with you and your service. That's when they're happy to pay you well, and keep paying you well, for delivering a service that totally focuses on getting them what they want.

Interesting times lie ahead....

We're now moving to a transparent, explicit 'fee-only' world. Clients are starting to ask questions. They are starting to understand more and more just what they've been paying - and what they are now being asked to pay - for financial advice.

So, be warned. If you are not knocking clients' socks off with your service, sooner or later, somebody else will.

Paul Armson helps other financial advisors successfully deliver highly profitable Lifestyle Financial Planning. He is the author of The Financial Advisor's Survival Guide - How to Succeed and Prosper in a 'Fee Only' World, a book that reinspires the value you bring to clients and creating a way of delivering financial advice on YOUR terms. See more from Paul Armson, including his other publications, here.

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  • Kathy Waite 2014-03-19 2:55:09 PM
    I have been fee only since October 2011 and these last couple of years have been the most fun of my 27 in the industry. I have more engaged and excited clients and we talk about the fun and the sad stuff. I insist the uninterested spouse comes along and 99% of the time they leave bubbling with enthusiasm as this is about THEM , their lives not products. I wont use the word financial planner or advisor as its so muddied by peoples bad experiences with sales reps. I use Networth Manager . We manage all areas so in bad times you weather the storm and in good times prosper. Products are the last thing on the list. Families really appreciate that. they know I am on their side as I am paid by them not commission so no hidden agenda. off to find Paul Armsons book.........This was harder at first no trailers to cover ongoing expenses but will better long run for my next 20 years!
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