How Canadian software can help you prepare for CRM2

How Canadian software can help you prepare for CRM2

How Canadian software can help you prepare for CRM2 While some may see new technologies as a threat to the financial advice industry, one Canadian firm is attempting to change that outlook with software that it believes can make an advisor’s life easier, especially with the introduction of CRM2 right around the corner.

The company in question is Toronto-based Vision Systems Corp, which has created a triple header of programs designed for personal lifetime financial management: VisionWorks, which provides life planning software; CorpWorks, for corporation planning and business coaching; and TrustWorks, for trust planning and coaching.

At the head of the company is its president Michael Curtis, who previously worked at a brokerage firm. He believes the software can help advisors enjoy a new level of engagement with investors.

“We have designed our software to really delve into the issue of what clients’ expectations are around financial planning,” he said. “Some simply want the advisors to do the work for them – but others want to go deeper and really understand the choices that are being made and the reasons behind them.

“With the Vision Systems software, advisors can answer clients’ questions and shape a solution that matches their expectations. It’s interactive so you can sit and talk clients through their plans and allow them to make connections first-hand between how their money is being used and their life goals, whatever they may be.”

The Vision Systems platform allows users to see how their investments are developing towards their objectives – from saving for a holiday or new home, to reaching significant financial milestones. Jeremy Nicholls, the head of training and support at Vision Systems, believes this is of particular significance in relation to the introduction of CRM2 in July.

“CRM2 is coming,” he said, “and it’s going to open people’s eyes. When clients understand what they are paying they are going to actively look for better ways to do business, which is why transparency is so important.

“With this software, clients are actively engaged. They become part of the conversation – and that’s really reassuring.”

Active engagement is one of the reasons why Vision Systems has also chosen to sponsor this year’s Vision Systems Award for Engagement, Loyalty and Customer Care at the Wealth Professional Awards.

“We believe there is a direct correlation between this award and our software,” commented Curtis. “We want to boost consumer confidence and help investors make more informed decisions which will in turn reduce their money stress. This award goes hand-in-hand with that.

“A really good advisor who goes above and beyond to actively engage their client base really deserves recognition. They are helping to raise the bar for the industry.”

If you are interested in learning more about the award, follow this link to nominate an advisor.