Fun Friday Reads

Fun Friday Reads

Fun Friday Reads This is a good blog entry about holiday party potential holiday party chat.

Prices are rising “by the hour” in Russia, which is nuts. This is an interesting article about how Germany is beginning to drift from the West geopolitically. 

The price of crude is going to be key for determining the health of the economy in the year ahead. Here is an interesting chart showing the current break even price for various types of oil:

Paul Krugman and Bill Gross assume the low price of oil will constrain inflation. So pronounced will the effect be, Krugman thinks the Fed may not raise interest rates in 2015 as a result. This is a remarkably unconventional view these days:

CANACCORD continues to buy back its shares. This is a good sign.

The North York-based investment firm Canso really likes the Post chain of newspapers, apparently.

Wow, no wonder the holiday shopping season has been relatively dismal. No one has any money. Canadians now owe “$1.63 for every dollar of disposable income,” according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada:

Wondering why the Shanghai stock market is booming? Apparently everyone in China is taking their money out of the bank and putting their cash into market-based investments.

Warren Buffett really likes that apple fritter, apparently. 

In the latest print issue of WP we talk to a fund manager who predicted the U.S. recovery last spring. The evidence that things are finally picking up south of the border continues to mount.

The Edward Snowden of the accounting industry.

According to this Bloomberg article there is one single ruble forward contract still in the money:

The new and trendy idea: The Canadian growth story just did a U-turn. Alberta is in trouble, Ontario is the growth engine…or so they say:

This is great. The son of the founder of Merrill says that selling Merrill Lynch Canada to CIBC was a lost opportunity. Oops!