Fun Friday Reads

Fun Friday Reads

Fun Friday Reads

The Investors Group website has a page that answers the question, "Why Labour Day?"

Here is another good page on the Investors Group website that answers the question: "What is going on in your province this Labour Day weekend?"

This is a nice bit from the Financial Post that quotes advisors about the shift in family focus that comes with the arrival of fall.

This story from MarketWatch Canada--published way back in 2010--is still an interesting take on a question many advisors will be having with clients now that the leaves are beginning to change. What to do with the cottage? This advisors advice: Sell the damn thing and rent one when you want to get away. Considering how chilly this summer was in many parts of the country, this advice is likely sounding solid for some.  

Manulife continues to do well with its institutional business according to this press release out today.

This is not a fund read, but, wow. Llast month the U.S. Federal Reserve released its Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households for 2013. Consider this stat on the state of the average U.S. consumer: “Only 48 percent of respondents said that they would completely cover a hypothetical emergency expense costing $400 without selling something or borrowing money"

Okay, let’s go out on a lighter note. This is a conversation thread from the popular (among young people) website Reddit in which average people answer a simple question: "What is the best piece of financial advice you've ever received?"

Here is another Reddit conversation, but from the opposing perspective: "What is the worst financial mistake you've ever made?"

This Reddit conversation offers some good basic advice for advisors with clients who are expecting.

And, of course, Financial Advisor Dog always has good advice. Happy long weekend everyone!