Five tips to attract more clients

Five tips to attract more clients

Five tips to attract more clients

Pannunzio’s five key steps to create the ideal client profile:

Client Description:

  • Background information about a client’s profession and education
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics outlining the type of personality the advisor best enjoys interacting with
  • Preferences, including primary and secondary goals, sports, hobbies, beliefs, likes and dislikes


  • Geographical area of residence, work, favourite shopping and dining locations, hang out places
  • Places where an ideal client gathers investment information (physical and virtual), home, libraries, online

Goals & Challenges

  • Create an image of an ideal client’s short- and long-term goals
  • Describe their primary and secondary challenges
  • Anticipate the financial dreams and needs the ideal clients will expect
  • Level of service needed to address the ideal client’s goals and challenges

Quotes & Objections

  • Write down positive statements from real clients and prospects and create additional ones that fit the ideal client profile to better define the “persona”
  • List the most common objections an ideal client could raise during the prospecting process to better anticipate and address doubts

Survey Current Clients

  • Reach out to current clients to gain insight into what prompted them select your business over others

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