Financial advisors, the fastest growing job in Canada: Workopolis

Financial advisors, the fastest growing job in Canada: Workopolis

Financial advisors, the fastest growing job in Canada: Workopolis

Financial advisors are here to stay, according to Workopolis.

The popular online job site released new research Tuesday identifying financial advisors as the top out of five fasted growing job titles for 2013. Other in-demand professions include financial service representatives, field sales representatives, sales associates and social workers. Workopolis established the results by tracking this year’s online job postings.

An uncertain economic future and need for professional advice as Canadians plan for retirement were identified by Workopolis as the reasons financial advisors and representatives are in such high demand.

However, Daniel Hanzelka, a Toronto-based financial planner, questions how Workopolis came to its conclusions, explaining that the accuracy of results depends upon what companies are posting the jobs.

"There are a lot of financial firms that want to attract more advisors to build their book of business," he says. "With the Internet and posting things online, it's not the most accurate way of doing things from that perspective."

A comment from ‘JP’ on the Workopolis website also challenges the research results, attributing the high number of job postings to the ousting of rookie advisors within their first year practicing, which ‘JP’ says exceeds 90 per cent. 

“If you take one of those posts without a large network of people willing to hire you before you even start, odds are you will be looking for work again in the next year,” says the comment.

  • Marc Lissoway, ( retired CLU) 2013-11-27 10:28:40 AM
    With the Baby Boomers growing older they are leaving a large gap to fill in the business, however I agree a lot of the job offers are attempts at recruiting advisor and then putting them out there to see if they can survive about 3 out of 10 might make it with out a large block to work in. To bad because I believe it is a excellent career.
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  • Mark 2013-11-29 8:11:14 AM
    I also wonder how Workopolis came to this conclusion given the current discussions taking place in this country to follow the examples of England and Australia for advisors becoming fee-based.
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