Financial advisors get digital

Financial advisors get digital

Financial advisors get digital By Will Ashworth

The most important finding in the study: financial advisors are getting out of the office using mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets to stay connected with their clients. Almost 90% of advisors use at least one mobile device in their businesses, 33% use them in client meetings and the 66% of advisors who aren’t using them in client meetings plan to do so in the 12 months.

Another key finding of the study is the increased use of social media by advisors. It’s become a critical element in growing one’s practice. Of the top social media sites, LinkedIn is the most popular, with 68% of advisors having a profile. Whether it be sharing information or prospecting for new clients, over half the financial advisors surveyed currently use LinkedIn with more expected to join in the future.

When it comes to sharing online information, 80% of advisors like to do so. The most prevalent types of information shared include financial planning articles, mutual fund profiles and breaking financial news.

As Mackenzie Investments CEO Jeffrey Carney stated in the study’s press release, “The world has embraced mobile technology and financial advisors understand the need to stay relevant and connect with clients in new and creative ways.”

While advisors can’t control external issues the Mackenzie report certainly suggests they’re working hard to remain front-of-mind with clients.