Three new ETFs from Mackenzie

Three new ETFs from Mackenzie

Three new ETFs from Mackenzie Mackenzie Investments has launched three new ETFs on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The Mackenzie Ivy Global Equity ETF (MIVG), the firm’s new active offering, brings the expertise of the Mackenzie Ivy Team into the ETF space for the first time ever. It seeks long-term capital growth with international exposure; it addresses an increase in clients’ international investments over the next two to three years, as expected by 53% of Canadian advisors in an online Environics survey. The fund’s management expense ratio is 0.85%, and it uses the MSCI World Total Return Index CDN as its benchmark.

Meanwhile, the Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed Income ETF (MCSB), managed by the Mackenzie Fixed Income Team, invests in high-quality fixed-income securities with relatively shorter terms to maturity. This is best for those interested in generating investment income while in retirement, which represented 85% of Canadian investors with advisors responding to another survey by Environics. The fund has a management fee of 0.49%, and its benchmark is the FTSE TMX Canada Short Term Overall Bond Index.

Finally, the Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF (MPCF) provides diversification, long-term capital appreciation, and income potential by investing in a portfolio of various alternative-asset-class ETFs and currencies. A reported 87% of Canadian advisors agreed that it is important to offer clients new and innovative products. With a management fee of 0.6%, the fund uses a blended benchmark consisting of the 60% MSCI World + 40% BofA Merrill Lynch Global Broad Market (Hedged to CAD).

"We are very excited to expand our ETF shelf with these new products, delivering solutions to investors that offer the benefits of our portfolio management expertise plus the structural benefits unique to ETFs including liquidity and flexibility," said Michael Cooke, senior vice president and head of Exchange Traded Funds at Mackenzie Investments.

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