Do you make your clients feel special?

Do you make your clients feel special?

Do you make your clients feel special? Providing clients with personal concierge-type service, the kind you find at top-level hotels like the Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton, can go a long way to making your clients feel like more than a number.

Brad Johnson is vice president of marketing at Advisors Excel, one of America’s fastest growing independent marketing organizations. The company helps independent insurance producers and financial advisors in the U.S. grow their practices by providing proprietary product offerings for their clients combined with significant training along with marketing and lead generation support.

Recently, Johnson discussed his thoughts on utilizing the “personal concierge” concept with Investment News. While Johnson operates in the U.S., the principles mentioned (subscription required) apply equally to advisors working north of the border. 

Johnson travels extensively across the U.S. performing the duties of his job. Most hotels he stays at provide a similar guest experience where nothing exemplary happens. Mediocre is an accurate description.

However, his recent stay at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, stands out as an example of how going the extra mile can make you feel really special.

So what happened?

Upon entering his room he noticed a handwritten note on the desk from a woman stating she would be his personal concierge during his stay; it was her job to make sure his visit was an amazing one which floored the frequent traveler.

But it gets better.

The woman included her personal cell phone number in the note suggesting he call at any time should he need anything and it would be taken care of it.

The Breakers Hotel made Johnson feel like a VIP, a strategy advisors can easily implement within their own businesses. Johnson’s confident that your business will grow exponentially by treating every interaction with clients and prospects as a VIP moment.

How do you do this?

By first making sure you have a specific person in the office acting as your personal concierge. They are the contact person for both new clients and potential prospects. A client feels special when they know they have a person they can contact at any time to have their questions answered, problems dealt with, etc.

A high-touch VIP process ensures that top producers are doing what they do best – generating new business – without sacrificing excellent customer service.

While the personal concierge approach is likely elementary to WPs Top 50 Advisors it’s definitely worth revisiting on occasion. After all, Johnson’s group of advisors grew their production by 36% over the past year. If it’s good enough for him and his team it should be good enough for most everyone working in financial services, on either side of the border.