CRM2 expert moving on

CRM2 expert moving on

CRM2 expert moving on With the complete implementation of CRM2 still 16 months away, IIAC’s losing a very important piece of the puzzle.

On Friday IIAC announced that Barb Amsden was leaving the organization after seven years on the job. Amsden was one of the original staff members when the Investment Dealers Association of Canada merged with Market Regulation Services Inc. in June 2008.

Here is part of an email sent to Barb’s colleagues by Ian Russell, IIAC President and CEO:
“We will all Miss Barb’s energy, wit, intelligence and happy smile. She may be leaving the IIAC, but we should all keep in mind that we will hear and see a lot of Barb in another incarnation. She has too much dedication to the public interest, too much ambition, and so much knowledge and energy, to spend time in a hammock.”
Although Amsden worked on many projects over the years in her role as Managing Director, it was her work on CRM2 that got the notice and appreciation of Wealth Professional. On several occasions, Barb was able to help us stickhandle through the minutiae of amendments, rules, and all the other things that come with significant regulatory change.
Our most recent issue named Amsden one of our “Women of Influence” in the financial services industry. She stands alongside some very capable individuals and is worthy of distinction.

With April 1, Amsden’s last day, fast approaching, it’s with some regret that Wealth Professional says farewell to a true pro. However, as Ian Russell stated, she won’t be on the sidelines for very long.

WP looks forward to connecting with Amsden once she’s resurfaced somewhere in the financial world. And if she chooses to take her talents to another sector, we’ll watch from afar with genuine interest.

Come April 2, CRM2 just won’t be the same.