CIT gives solar energy company the green light for growth

CIT gives solar energy company the green light for growth

CIT gives solar energy company the green light for growth
CIT’s expert help leads to solar-powered success for Solarize Energy.

CIT Canada’s most recent client case study has shed light on their partnership with Ontario based Solarize Energy,  revealing their role in securing success for the solar panel company.

Managing director Terry Parco said CIT’s “experienced, professional and client-focused financing team and [CIT’s] access to capital for arranging and underwriting project finance transactions” were largely to thank for facilitating Solarize Energy’s growth within the renewable energy market.  

Parco added that CIT are well practiced in lending to middle market clients in thriving industries like solar power and renewable energy – the financing company has underwritten a total of 12 solar projects and is currently cashing in on what Parco identifies as an underserved niche in Canada.

“Our work with Solarize has been an important part of the success that CIT Canada has experienced,” said Parco. “Our renewable energy projects have made an important contribution to CIT Canada’s overall growth.”

As a result of their committed interest in renewable energy, CIT Corporate Finance, Energy & Infrastructure has become a key player in the Canadian market over recent years and offers industry-leading financial products and services to its renewable energy clients.

 Co-founder and managing director of Solarize Energy, Carlos Leite recognizes CIT’s dedication and is more than satisfied with the partnership: “CIT shared our vision of supporting a robust, dynamic solar industry in Ontario. We felt CIT understood what we were hoping to accomplish and would be a financial partner for the long term. They have done a great job of keeping us informed throughout the financing process and we always know exactly where we stand with CIT. We have developed a strong partnership based on mutual trust that I am confident will benefit both organizations for many years to come.”