Advocis head to judge WP Awards

Advocis head to judge WP Awards

Advocis head to judge WP Awards Greg Pollock’s role as judge for the upcoming WP Awards is part and parcel of his efforts to raise awareness about the value of advisors.

“There are a lot of individuals out in the larger public that don’t really understand the profession,” said Pollock, President of Advocis. “Let’s be clear this is WP so this is internally in the industry itself. But I think recognizing ourselves within the industry is a good thing. It helps young advisors look to some of the stars in the industry and some of the positive contributions they’re making for their clients.”

On the back of a review into FSCO’s mandate, there is added impetus for Advocis’ Raise the Bar, an initiative that champions higher standards for financial advisors in Canada.

“We really need to build the momentum around the value of the professional and around the value of professional advice,” said Pollock. “So that’s why I said I’d happily participate.”

Pollock will join Chris Polson, Vice President global advisory firm Duff & Phelps Ltd., Sean Cleary, BMO Professor of Finance at Queens University, Robbie Wildman a retired advisor and past president of Advocis, and Ellen Bessner, a partner with Babin Bessner Spry LLP.

“As I look at the group it seems to me my background is a little broader in terms of the number of advisors I interact with across the country,” said Pollock, also highlighting his interactions with regulators, legislators, manufacturers and the international perspective he’s gleaned from dealing with his counterparts in other countries.

“Bringing that perspective along with the perspective of the other judges will assist in us collectively selecting the most deserving candidates,” said Pollock. “Having said that I know that will be a very difficult task because there are some outstanding financial advisors out there across the country providing great service to their clients.