Advisors go public to win top clients

Advisors go public to win top clients

Advisors go public to win top clients Advisors are increasingly focused on the 1 per cent, but a new report is validating the focus on a much-maligned group of workers.

That research from a Canadian business group suggests those working in government have far more to save and invest than the rest of us.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business suggests the average private sector worker earns $8,150 less per year while working six hours more per week than those in the public sector.

The cost of this disparity to the tax coffers of governments, both provincial and federal, in this country? $20 billion annually.

“The public-private wage gap is the elephant in every room when it comes to setting the public policy agenda in this country," said Ted Mallett, chief economist and vice-president at CFIB. "Public sector earnings have been allowed to drift well above market-tested norms, and cash-strapped governments are looking for ways to invest in infrastructure and other priorities. Closing the gap is not just what's fair, it's what is needed."

A pay gap exists between public and private sector workers in all of the provinces except Alberta where private sector workers make 4.3 percent more than their public sector counterparts.

So, advisors in every part of the country except Alberta should be prospecting for public sector employees?

That depends on how you view the entire contents of the report.

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