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  • Five years on, the biggest change has been…

    Canadian advisors are still grappling with the major consequences from the Lehman Brothers implosion, and on its fifth anniversary they’re revealing why the business may never again be the same.

  • How did Rosh Hashanah impact Wall St?

    A piece of old Wall Street lore – that the ten day stretch between the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, and the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, is bad for equities – may have some evidence to support it. But is it a hard-and-fast rule?

  • Canadians no longer loyal to financial service providers

    It's not in your head: The majority of your clients may now be willing to leave you at the drop of a hat, but one leading industry analyst argues the best retention strategy is the cheapest one.

  • Fight for your RIGHTS

    By using this acronym you will be able to specify your client's needs, take a more concerted look at those needs, and remember what is important to your client

  • Regulator scolds disgraced mutual fund dealer

    Maybe it is better to "go quietly into that good night" after all. A provincial regulator has upheld a lifetime ban and fines against a mutual fund dealer, scolding her for unnecessarily dragging out the appeals process instead of taking her lumps.

  • Canada high-net investors seeking alternatives

    The industry is pushing to educate street-level investors about the booming alternative segment, even as retail advisors scramble to gain access.

  • Big player announces major shake-up

    One-time Vancouver Opera Chairman takes out top job at financial services provider as the current boss bows out after nearly 10 years at the top.

  • Standing in your clients' shoes

    As a planner, you are constantly influencing others to accept you, your ideas, products or services.

  • Nike booting major Canada investor off DJIA

    Nike 'just did it!' The footwear giant is booting a major player in Canada from the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  • Big bank cuts posh perk for low-level advisors

    A financial services behemoth has decided to limit a perk just to employees with $1m in assets, sparking fears across the sector..