• Another step towards 'tailored regulation'?

    The Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC) is welcoming what it calls continued interest in the "need for tailored regulation of financial planners," following release of the Ontario budget Thursday.

  • Ontario budget lays out pension plan

    The Ontario government is now offering key details about a "retirement pension plan" meant to bolster the incomes of the growing number without private plans through work.

  • Pet estate planning -- are we barking mad?

    It was only a matter of time, with a growing number of advisors now adding financial planning for pets to their re-pet-oire -- a very obvious attempt to appeal to dog-mad Canadians.

  • ETF yields are "phoney"

    According to one financial advisor, the way the industry is pitting ETFs against mutual funds is all wrong, especially if we ever have another Nortel on our hands.

  • Five minutes with ... Kathy Waite of Eureka Investor Guidance

    This financial advisor reveals to WP everything from what she feels is the real problem with the financial advice industry to what she would do if she was the political leader of this country.

  • Stop the widow from walking

    Engaging both spouses equally will help stop the client, who has lost a spouse, from walking out the door into the hands of the competition.

  • Industry Commentary: Go ahead, be yourself

    The trick to moving your business forward is knowing exactly who you are and sharing that with others, explains leading advisor Craig Swistun.

  • Getting ahead of the ETF curve

    Fee-only and transactional advisors go head-to-head over whether the ETF is poised to take over from the tried-and-true mutual fund.

  • Take time to tweet

    WP shares some tips to improve your impact and engage prospective clients on Twitter.

  • International Wrap: News in Brief

    WP brings you the latest finance headlines from around the world.