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  • Retirement savings to relieve financial stress

    Advisors south of the border are dealing with clients who, distracted by personal finance problems, are tapping into their savings to relieve the stress.

  • Advisor: Canadian banks are safe havens

    Advisors and industry analysts alike are boasting about the stability of Canadian banks, proposing that it's not only an international marker, but an indication that investors can breathe easy.

  • Approve bill to ward off FATCA delay: Industry leader

    With FATCA at our heels, advisors are backing the push to approve a federal bill, which would ease the transition and lesson the blow of the new U.S. tax compliance act, which takes affect July 1.

  • A hot pursuit for Russell Investments

    One of Canada's Big Six may have lost its footing in the race to snatch up infamous pension and investment management firm, Russell Investments, which would mark one of the bank's biggest purchases to date.

  • Morning Market Note: May 14, 2014

    A slowing global economy and deflation are worrying western economic leaders. China announces new policies to sustain growth. Here in Canada AGF works on a turnaround. BMO Harris continues to grow its advisor teams in the United States.

  • Advisor: the grass isn't greener in the East-side

    Those advisors in awe over China and its astonishing growth rates, should keep their envy at bay, as the grass only appears to be greener and won't stay that way forever, suggests one wealth professional.

  • When 'mum's the word' with clients

    One advisor suggests that Canadians are less apt to talk about their finances than their cousins south of the border, attributing the trepidation to an overall lack of financial literacy.

  • International Wrap: News in Brief

    From impending stock market doom to the new generation of youngsters snubbing the financial adviser profession, Wealth Professional has handpicked the best of this week’s international news

  • Most shared: Quashing the sleazy salesman stereotype

    Advisors give their perspective on how to weed out the duds from the diamonds and what makes a 'real' financial planner.

  • Most Commented: Ontario Pension Plan will 'screw' your clients

    Advisors share their thoughts on why this proposed provincial pension plan is a financial disaster waiting to happen.