• Which advisors will get hurt by crowdfunding?

    A new study finds entrepreneurs looking for capital are increasingly turning to equity crowdfunding platforms in the process threatening revenue for brokers and advisors focused on accredited investors

  • What’s in a title asks recent OSC report

    The recent mystery shopping report commissioned by the OSC, IIROC and MFDA highlighted a number of advisor issues but the one that seemed to confuse ‘shoppers’ the most were the number of titles given advisors

  • Investors ditching home country bias – and how!

    Over the last year, investors have taken more than $12 billion out of Canadian equity mutual funds and ETFs. During the same period, $21 billion was pumped into the foreign equity versions of the same product types

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    While research suggests financial advisors have one of the most rewarding careers anywhere, here’s a shortlist of the things that get under their skin

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    Size isn’t everything, and increasingly advisors looking to sell up are having to prove they have more than a big book and a steady revenue stream. But what?

  • Undercover report on advisors full of holes?

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    Is it time that you started to look after the most important person in your business?

  • Old fee model makes a comeback

    While advisors continue to debate what would happen if embedded commissions and/or DSC funds disappear, some wealth professionals are proposing an alternative that many consider obsolete

  • Dealers must be held accountable, says former broker

    As regulators mount an increasingly wide search for rogue advisors, one retired industry professional believes they’re letting more egregious offenders slip through their nets