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  • Snowbirds feeling the pain

    With the dollar approaching a level not seen since 2003 there are winners and losers from a falling dollar and no one loses more than seniors spending the winter down south

  • The next big market indicator?

    It’s not scientific by any means but one financial planner has uncovered an unconventional but potentially lucrative way to time the markets

  • Regulator has second thoughts on eliminating commissions

    One of the biggest worries for Canadian securities regulators when it comes to eliminating commissions is the ‘gap’ in advice that’s occurred in other jurisdictions where they’ve done so

  • Advisors: Technology is a must for attracting millennials

    While many in the media are suggesting millennials are a perfect fit for robo-advisors, it has less to do with low fees and more to do with technology -- here’s why

  • Ethical investing: making money, making a difference

    How important is it to investors to have their money in products that are socially responsible? Very

  • New call to tax rich

    Justin Trudeau’s election platform creating a new tax bracket seems to have set off a trend by politicians to make the wealthy pay their fair share

  • Canadian retailer gets lifeline

    The company that made onshoring popular has found three family offices willing to look beyond the former CEOs extracurricular activities

  • 4 reasons you should blog

    Blogging isn’t just for millennials. In fact, as Sandi Martin explains, it could not only make you a better advisor, but also win you more clients

  • Asset manager appoints new CIO

    In an effort to grow its business on a global basis one of Canada’s largest asset managers has hired a major player in the institutional arena

  • Now is the time advisors really earn their keep

    With the markets off to one of the worst starts to a year ever it’s got advisors in damage-control mode as clients freak out over market volatility and it’s in these dark days that you all earn the fees you charge