Mackenzie launches sustainability-focused equity fund

Mackenzie launches sustainability-focused equity fund

Mackenzie launches sustainability-focused equity fund

Mackenzie Investments has announced a new fund aimed at providing investors and advisors seeking sustainable-themed investments.

Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund will only invest in companies that are trying to improve on environmental challenges; something the firm says is in high demand and short supply.

“Sustainable, responsible and impact investing continues to grow in popularity in Canada, but there are limited investment options," said Barry McInerney, President & CEO, Mackenzie Investments. "We are proud to work with sub-advisor Greenchip Financial to launch Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund, a new and exciting option for investors."

Why Greenchip?
Mackenzie chose Greenchip Financial as sub-advisor due to its focus on companies that supply products and services needed in both the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables and from inefficient-to-efficient use of resources.

"This great energy transition is driving an incredible investment opportunity," said John Cook, President & CEO, Greenchip Financial. "We believe the demand for companies that Mackenzie Global Environmental Equity Fund invests in will increase, as resource and environmental issues become more challenging."

Canada should be at forefront of green energy
While Mackenzie was launching its new fund Wednesday, Canada’s natural resources minister was also focusing on the transition to greener energy.

Touring the site of the $40 billion LNG facility in British Columbia, Amarjeet Sohi said that the environment and the economy go hand-in-hand.

He told CTV News that Canada can help polluting countries such as Japan and China to move from coal and diesel.

"We can help make a difference in the world by supplying natural gas and replacing more polluting carbon-based sources of energy," he said.

Later, he tweeted that the new facility will “create great economic opportunities in Canada.”


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