Finance, business leaders urge premiers to address climate risk

Finance, business leaders urge premiers to address climate risk

Finance, business leaders urge premiers to address climate risk

As Canada’s premiers meet Friday in Montreal, a group of proponents of a green economy are urging the country’s leaders to address climate change and support the development of a green economy.

Alliance SWITCH includes partners from the business, finance and environment sectors across Canada such as Desjardins, the Aluminium Association of Canada, and Clean Energy Canada.

"The transition to a green economy is picking up speed around the world. It's up to us to take advantage of the economic opportunities that come out of it. We are asking our decision-makers to support us in making this new economy a real driver of prosperity in this country," said SWITCH co-chairs Catherine Bérubé, Head of Communications and Public Relations at Cycle Capital Management, and Karel Mayrand, Executive Director, Quebec and Atlantic Canada at the David Suzuki Foundation.

Today is also the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference, and the alliance is calling on the premiers to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis by continuing to foster the development of a prosperous and inclusive low-carbon economy in all of Canada's regions and industries.

“Factoring in climate risk is unavoidable”
Alliance member Desjardins says it is firmly committed to a fair energy transition and is gradually incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into the services it provides.

“Factoring in climate risk is now unavoidable and we are convinced that it will also create opportunities for Quebec and Canada to seize. For this to happen, governments have a responsibility to create the right conditions for this transition," says Pauline D'Amboise, Secretary General and Vice-President, Governance and Sustainable Development, Desjardins Group.

Jean Lacroix, President and CEO, Réseau Environnement, adds that we have the technology and financial tools to make the energy transition across Canada.

“Our governments must be bold and lead by example through effective, concerted and systematic action," he said.


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