Manulife Investment Management appoints co-chief investment strategists

Duo succeed Philip Petursson and will provide advisors with 'sharp and original insights that cut through the noise'

Manulife Investment Management appoints co-chief investment strategists

Manulife Investment Management today announced it has appointed Kevin Headland and Macan Nia as co-chief investment strategists for its Canadian wealth business.

The pair has been part of the capital markets strategy team for the past decade and are being promoted into the roles effective immediately, according to a press release. For the full Wealth Professional interview, check out Tuesday's newsletter.

Headland and Nia are veterans of Canada’s financial services industry and both currently serve as senior investment strategists at Manulife Investment Management. The release added that they are both widely regarded as trusted market experts with strong advisor relationships and a global perspective across a spectrum of asset classes.

“Investors today are overwhelmed with a constant flow of market and economic data, news and other information. As a result, sharp and original insights that cut through the noise and simplify complex market and economic matters are in more demand than ever,” said Catherine Milum, Head of Wealth Sales, Manulife Investment Management, Canada.

“Kevin and Macan consistently deliver expert commentary and analysis, leveraging a behavioural approach to investing that helps our financial advisor partners chart a path for investors through a variety of economic cycles, from periods of rapid growth to ones marked by volatility and uncertainty. We’re proud to give advisors unparalleled access to their expertise.”

Manulife Investment Management Chief Economist Frances Donald added: “Macan and Kevin have been an integral part of the team for over 10 years, and there’s no one better positioned to provide continuity and support to help our clients navigate markets and build better portfolios.”

Headland and Nia succeed Philip Petursson. In their new roles, they will continue to analyse and interpreting the markets and the economy. They work with the macroeconomic strategists and portfolio management teams to provide advisors and investors with commentary on strategies and asset allocation weighting to help them make better decisions about the future and build stronger portfolios.'