InFocus: Practice Transition

  • Running in quicksand

    There are ways to get out of the rut and start building a real 21st century financial practice

  • Compression & Commoditization

    When investors hunt for better fees they drive down prices. This means that to a certain degree, fee-based advisory services are becoming commoditized

  • Prolong your practice

    Rather than selling off your business consider an alternate strategy which will allow you to focus only on those parts of your business that you like the best

  • Segment your Book for Optimal Results

    As the practice evolves and matures, advisors would be wise to fully analyze their business to determine if they are running their practice efficiently and optimizing profitability

  • Playing it safe is risky

    There is no such thing as taking no risk. There is only the choice of which risks to take and when to take them

  • How to build a compelling value proposition

    Use these five steps to put together a value proposition could help you attract new clients

  • Overcoming Inertia

    Remember that the first step is the hardest. The good news is that once you initiate movement, the law of inertia helps you to keep moving in that direction and to continue taking action

  • Adapt or be cast aside

    Advisors will need to admit to themselves that they cannot continue to operate in the same old way

  • Disruption ≠ Extinction

    No business has the right to exist in perpetuity. If it cannot grow and prosper then eventually it will cease to survive

  • A new platform for independent Canadian advisors

    Finding a platform that enables advisors to improve client service is an important first