Provisus to launch groundbreaking funds on NEO Exchange

by Provisus Wealth Management

Provisus to launch groundbreaking funds on NEO Exchange

(TORONTO - February 19, 2019) – Provisus Wealth Management is set to transform investment opportunities with the launch of nine platform-traded funds (PTFs) on the NEO Exchange, “Canada’s New Stock Exchange”, later this week.

The funds are designed for fee-based investors who work with either discretionary or non-discretionary advisors and portfolio managers. Starting this Thursday, advisors will be able to purchase Provisus’ PTFs through the NEO Connect FinTech distribution platform on the Neo Exchange. The buys take place the same way an order is made for an ETF or a stock.

Provisus’ Core Funds PTFs are: Canadian Equity, U.S. Equity, International Equity, Emerging Markets Equity, Global Real Estate and High Yield Fixed Income. Provisus’ Fund of Funds PTFs are: North American Equity, Global Equity and Total Equity.

As well as ease of use and active management, another big advantage for investors using the Provisus PTFs lies in management fees that are more than 25 per cent lower than the prorated market cap weighted average equity ETFs fees.

“Wealth managers are always looking for new solutions to support their clients’ goals,” said Chris Ambridge, President of Provisus Wealth Management. “Our PTFs were developed to provide eligible investors and advisors with an entirely new approach, focused on delivering efficient and lower-cost investment products that generate valued-added results.

Provisus PTFs Average Annualized Value Added* PTFs MER Average Passive ETF MER*** Average Active ETF MER**
6 Equity PTFs 1.99% 0.25%


High Yield Fixed Income PTF 0.89% 0.25% 0.34% 0.67%

* Source: Provisus Funds Date of Inception – June 30, 2011
** Source: Morningstar Research – June 30, 2017

The new PTFs, like all Provisus funds, use the company’s sophisticated Pay-for-Performance™ wealth management model, designed to leave more money in the hands of clients.

“This unique approach means clients pay fees similar to traditional ETFs if the PTFs do not outperform an industry standard benchmark,” said Ambridge. “When the PTFs outperform, clients pay a performance fee equal to 20 per cent of the performance of the PTF above the specified benchmark. In short, this performance fee model directly aligns the managers profitability to the results achieved by clients.”

The Provisus Wealth Management team averages more than 20 years of investment experience and more than 15 years administering managed accounts. The Provisus Active Indexation investment philosophy is based on the belief that markets are often inefficient. This leads to pricing anomalies that can be exploited by a disciplined investment process. Provisus employs proprietary mathematical algorithms that incorporate fundamental, technical and quantitative gauges to identify pricing “turning points”. The resulting data are used to determine which stocks to purchase and/or sell based on their own individual potential, their prospects versus the overall market and how they compare to their competition.

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